Word of the Week – ‘Ça marche’

This week, we’re looking at conversational French and how to say that you agree with something.

Word of the Week:

Ça marche.

How to pronounce it:

Sa marsh.

What it means in English:

A general way of saying that you agree with something, there are lots of different possibilities for translating this expression into English.

It can mean ‘that’s great’ or ‘that’s fine’, and it translates literally as ‘that works’.

Where does it come from?

One of the first times it was recorded was in 1947, in a novel written by French author René Fallet.

How to use it in a sentence:

‘Il y a un bon film au cinéma demain soir. Ça marche?’

‘Oui, ça marche!’

English translation:

‘The film’s on at the cinema tomorrow night. How does that sound?’

‘Yep, that sounds great.’

Similar words:

‘Ça roule’ = ‘that’s great’, ‘that’s fine’.

(Of course, if you don’t agree at all with something, you can always say: ‘je ne suis pas du tout d’accord’ (‘I don’t agree at all’) or ‘non, ….. pas du tout’ (no, ….. not at all’).

What are your favourite French expressions? Let me know on here, or on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

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