Word of the Week – ‘crachiner’

Now that we’ve begun a new year, I’ve been thinking about starting a new feature on this blog, and here we have it ….

The Word of the Week!! (or, technically, le Mot de la Semaine for any French Purists out there shaking their fists in outrage…)


Word of the Week:

This week, I bring you the lovely ‘crachiner’.


How to pronounce it:



What it means in English:

‘To drizzle’.


Where does it come from?

It’s from the Latin word ‘crassus’, which means ‘thick’.


How to use it in a sentence:

Il fait beau dehors, mais il crachine encore un peu.


English translation:

The weather’s nice outside, but it’s still drizzling a bit.


Similar words:

Bruiner (broo-ee-nay) = to drizzle

Pleuviner (pluh-vee-nay) = to drizzle.




Now over to you!

What are your favourite French words? Which French words would you like to see on Word of the Week?

Drop me a comment in the box below to let me know! đź™‚ 

And if you’ve enjoyed reading this, how about looking at my post on top ten French expressions, or my favourite French sayings here and here?








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