Word of the Week: ‘chuchoter’ 

To continue with our exam-related theme for Word of the Week, here we have ‘chuchoter’ (which, as a bonus, is possibly one of the nicest words to say and hear in French). 

Word of the Week: 


How to pronounce it:


What it means in English:

To whisper. 

Where does it come from?

‘Chuchoter’ comes from ‘chucheter’, which is onomatopoeic. 

How to use it in a sentence:

‘Dans la bibliothèque, il faut chuchoter ou parler tout bas pour ne pas déranger les autres.’

English translation:

‘In the library, you must whisper or speak really quietly so you don’t disturb other people.’  

A rough English translation of this would be: ‘shout if you want people to hear you; whisper if you want people to listen.’

Similar words:

Murmurer = To talk very softly. 

Parler à voix basse = To speak quietly. 

Parler (tout) bas = To speak very quietly. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Word of the Week! 

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