Word of the Week: ‘flagada’ 

Word of the Week:
How to pronounce it:


What it means in English:

It’s an informal way of saying you’re really tired: ‘shattered’ would be a good translation in English. 

Where does it come from? 

According to the link here, ‘flagada’ was first used in 1936 to mean ‘tired’. 

How to use it in a sentence: 

Ouh là là, je viens de courir trois kilomètres – je suis flagada! 

English translation:

God, I’ve just run three kilometres – I’m shattered!

Similar words:

Fatigué/fatiguée = Tired 

Crevé = Shattered

Raplapla = Shattered

Claqué/claquée = Exhausted (informal) 

Éreinté/éreintée = Exhausted/worn-out 

Être mort de fatigue/être morte de fatigue = To be dead tired. 

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