Word of the Week: ‘hérisson’

This week, let’s have a look at the word ‘hérisson’ which, as well as being one of my favourite French words, also happens to be one of my favourite animals. 

Word of the Week:


The gorgeous Elon, a hedgehog who also happens to be an Instagram star ⭐️

How to pronounce it:


What it means in English:


Another picture of the lovely Elon 😍

Where does it come from?

The word ‘hérisson’ comes from the ancient French word ‘heriçon’. This has its roots in the Latin word ‘ericius’, which is also related to the French word for another spiky creature, the ‘oursin’ or, in English, a sea urchin. 

How to use it in a sentence:

‘Le hérisson est mon animal préféré.’ 

English translation:

Hedgehogs are my favourite animals. 

One of the adorable residents of Prickly Ball Farm hedgehog hospital.

Similar words:
Un porc-épic = Porcupine

Un échidné = Echidna 

Un tamia = Chipmunk 

Un cochon d’Inde = Guinea pig

Un hamster = Hamster. 

What about you? What are your favourite French words? 

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  1. Rosie says:

    I’ll always remember the word for hedgehog as in final year I had a French flatmate whose surname was “hérisson”!


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