Word of the Week: ‘appeler un chat un chat’

Today, I’ve decided to look at the French translation of ‘to call a spade a spade’ – mostly because it gives me the chance to go a bit overboard with cat photos. 

Hope you like this week’s mot de la semaine!

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What are your favourite French words? 

Word of the Week:

‘Appeler un chat un chat’. 

Gratuitous cat photo #1: my cat preparing for her future modelling career.

How to pronounce it:

‘Ah-puh-lay uhn shah uhn shah’. 

What it means in English:

This means ‘to call a spade a spade’, although it would literally be translated into English as ‘to call a cat a cat’ (which I prefer!) 

Cat number 2 also getting ready for his modelling début.
Where does it come from?

The expression apparently comes from Ancient Greek, and seems to be connected to their sayings ‘to call a fig a fig’, and ‘to call a boat a boat’. Read more about the expression in French here

How to use it in a sentence:

‘Il faut appeler un chat un chat, cette idée ne marchera jamais.’  

Spending some quality time with the furry residents of the cat café in Shoreditch 😻

English translation:

‘You’ve got to call a spade a spade, that idea will never work.’  

Similar words:

Être direct = To be direct 

Parler franchement = To speak frankly 

Aller droit au but = To get straight to the point 

Ne pas tourner autour du pot = To not beat around the bush. 

Photo credit: Swapbook (via Twitter)

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